I began my fitness journey in 2013, after I realised my 9 – 5 office job was doing nothing for my health or my waistline! I was overweight and had completely lost confidence in myself.

I tried every crazy fad diet under the sun with many failed attempts. Paleo, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, no sugar, no carbs, shakes only, protein only – the list goes on! But I was never able to reach my goals and get long lasting results.

Why? Because I kept falling off the wagon! I’d follow it for a day, three days, a week, a month. But I’d always end up caving. I would restrict myself and deprive myself of all the good things in life to the point where I’d eventually cave and go on a binge eating spree, anything I could get my hands on! The weight crept on. I was miserable, self-conscious and feeling extremely lost. My career started to suffer and so did my relationships because I just didnt feel confident anymore.

I knew something had to change and fast and thankfully it did! From that point on I made a promise to myself that I would make every conscious effort to educate myself to be able to lose weight, and keep it off! But by doing it in the most healthy, sustainable way possible.

And to this day, I’ve kept that promise. No more restrictive eating, yo-yo dieting and no more binging…

How did I do it? Research + Education + Trial and error  

I took time to learn about proper nutrition and achieving long lasting fat loss results. Anything that was restrictive, I didn’t want to know about. I wanted a process that I could implement into my everyday routine and lifestyle. Something that would fit perfectly into my busy work schedule.

Because of my journey, my experiences, the high and the lows, I have become so passionate about being able helping other off working women similar to myself, to achieve their ideal version of themselves as well as make positive and sustainable changes to their lifestyle habits and mindset.

I really hope you are as excited about this as I am and I want you to know I’m proud of you for reading up until now because it shows me you want to make this change and you want to make this commitment to yourself and that really means a lot to me.

Monique x

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