Avoiding the winter spread. How to stay in shape this winter…

Each year when winter rolls around, it becomes easy to slacken off on our diet and training. Cold mornings mean it’s harder to get out of bed and the days are shorter, so fitting in that workout is hard and as a result exercise decreases.

Lower temperatures often leave us craving those big, hearty comfort meals too which are generally rich in carbohydrates and calories. As the layers of clothing go on, unfortunately we find that over winter, the kilograms go on too!

So how do we avoid the dreaded winter weight gain? Here’s a list of Do’s and Dont’s.

  • Keep a food journal

Stay accountable by writing down your meals. I like to plan my meals a few days in advance so that I know what I’m going to eat. Apps such as My Fitness Pal are a great way to track food and calories and avoid overeating.

  • Stock up your kitchen cupboards

Keep the staples stocked in your kitchen. Healthy options such as beans, tomatoes, dried fruit, quinoa, spices and wholegrain pasta are always great to have. This will avoid any temptations to order a high calorie meal from the local take out shop and will save you money too!

  • Meal prep

Rather than buying lunch everyday at work, get cooking in the kitchen and prepare a few meals to take with you. This comes back to tracking your meals but if you plan ahead with some healthy meals, you will reduce your calorie intake and chances of gaining weight will be less.

Check out my Quick Meal Plans here.

  • Get moving

Yes it’s hard to get out of bed in the cold and the dark (believe me, I know), but there a plenty of ways to get moving and still keep warm. Wear some warm layers and go for a brisk walk or do a yoga/pilates session in front of the heater in your living room. Most gyms are temperature controlled these days too so a walk on the treadmill will get the blood pumping before a weight session. Whatever you do, just move!

  • Be consistent

Like anything, it’s important to remember that consistency is always key. Practice the tips mentioned above and have fun with it. It’s ok to treat yourself with that cup of hot cocoa or a plate of pasta every once in a while too so long as you get straight back on track. It has to be manageable and enjoyable and that way, not only will you be in great shape all year roun but you will also be taking care of your overall health and wellbeing.

Summer bodies are made in winter! So put in the effort now, be patient, consistent and reap the rewards later.

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