Reasons you’re not losing weight

You’re busting your booty in the gym, slogging it out on the treadmill, tracking your calories and eating healthy food, yet you feel as though you’re still not getting the fitness results you really want. Sound familiar? Well it’s probably because you are making one or even a few fat loss boo boos without even realising it.

Here are some surprising reasons that could be sabotaging your bikini body!

You’re not eating enough protein

Not only does protein build and repair muscle tissue, but it also increases our bodies fat burning capabilities and keeps our metabolic rate high.

Having a protein rich diet will also reduce levels of the hunger hormone called ghrelin so you’re likely to eat less throughout the day. Instead of choosing the carb loaded option when it comes to your meals, choose a high protein piece of meat (such as chicken, lamb, beef, salmon or eggs to name a few), paired with vegetables or a salad and you should notice results over time.

You’re not drinking enough water

Water helps to maintain homeostasis, aids digestion and absorption and toxin removal. However these important functions cannot occur if you don’t drink enough water and if you don’t drink enough water your metabolism slows and digestion is affected.  If fat loss is the goal, then we need to make sure our metabolisms are working for us not against us. So aim to drink 3-4 litres of water per day and sometimes more depending on your exertion levels.

You’re avoiding fat  

There’s a common theory that to lose fat you need to cut fat from your diet. Wrong! It’s actually the opposite. In order to lose fat you need to consume healthy fats that contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Why? Because Omega 3 helps to reduce any inflammation in the body which is caused by bad foods which therefore prevents inflammation induced weight gain. Healthy fats include foods such as avocado, almond butter, cashew butter, peanut butter, olive oil, coconut oil and chia seeds. Just be careful with your portions though as these foods are quite high in calories.

You’re not sleeping enough each night

Prioritising your sleep is so important when it comes to fat loss. When we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies respond by feeling lethargic and foggy headed the next day. Not getting enough sleep also affects the secretion of cortisol which is the hormone that regulates your appetite. Losing sleep can cause us to feel hungry even though we’re not.

To get a good night sleep, avoid stimulants such as caffeine late at night and minimize your use of technology such mobile phones and gaming. Allow yourself to completely switch off before bedtime.

You’re cooking methods are leading you astray

You could be doing everything I’ve just mentioned the right way – eating right, sleeping right, staying hydrated and exercising consistently. But if you’re cooking method is wrong then losing fat will be hard and frustrating. Say good bye to the deep fryer and say hello to grilling or baking your food. Of course raw, boiled and blanched vegetables are also a good option.


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