What are fat burning foods?

Ok so here’s the low down… Whilst there is no magic pill for weight loss, science has uncovered a list of foods which have the potential to speed up your metabolism, trigger fat releasing hormones and eliminate toxins that make it hard for our bodies to lose weight.

Now that doesn’t mean that eating huge amounts of a particular food will make you look like a Victoria Secrets model, however you may find yourself getting better results when eaten in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

So what are they?


A great source of protein, high in omega 3 fatty acids which block fat storage, fuel fat burning and aid weight loss. Salmon is also great for stimulating the thyroid hormone which spikes our metabolisms.

Green tea

Research suggests there is 17% higher fat oxidation rate in people who drinks green tea compared to people who don’t. It contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols which stimulate the central nervous system and cause fat to be released and used as fuel.

Coconut oil

Unlike other oils, coconut oil is filled with medium-chain fatty acids, a chemical compound which our bodies metabolise differently and recognise as an energy source to burn instead of store as fat.


This wonderfully fragrant spice decreases insulin as it allows glucose into our cells at a faster rate. I like to add cinnamon to my smoothies, protein pancakes, muffins or even sprinkle it on baked sweet potato.

Chia seeds

The latest super food which are rich in essential Omega 3 fats, fiber and protein, these tiny seeds are a great addition to your diet. They keep you feeling fuller for longer and help regulate blood sugar levels. I like to mix a tablespoon in with my protein smoothies or muffin mixture.


Avocados have the ability to lower cholesterol and reduce belly fat. They are packed full of monounsaturated fat which kick starts our bodies fat burning hormones and actually increase the rate at which fat is burned.

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